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Liquiguard: The SBM Evaluation

Pioneering the future of eco-friendly protective coatings

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Liquiguard Technologies, Inc., specializes in the development of water-based, biodegradable protective coatings that meet and exceed consumer and industrial requirements. While the company’s products provide unique value to a diverse marketplace seeking effective, durable solutions that are safe, easy-to-use, and environmentally responsible, the traffic to its website and social networks needs a boost.

Lamar Morgan dba Synergistic Business Marketing would like to help boost the company’s website traffic and social network popularity. This should increase not only its Google Page Rank, but customer base.

Liquiguard’s Google Page Rank

Needs major upward move has a Google Page Rank of 2 out of 10. You can check this out for yourself by clicking here.

What does that mean? Here, in summary, is what these rankings mean:

0] You’re not even listed on Google PageRank list.

1] Very poor, but hey - at least you are listed.

2] Poor, but you have potential to move up and it can be done.

3] Average. You have good information and most websites fall in this ball park.

4] Above average. You’re sprinting away from the majority.

5] Good. Page Rank 5 will usually pop up on the first page of some searches.

6] Great. You’ve worked hard and have great information.

7] You’re hot and you’re one of the top sites. Your peer is Zillow.

8] You’re super hot, and your peers are CNBC, EBay, Bing, American Idol.

9] Everyone wants you, you are like: Youtube, Yahoo, Facebook, Apple, Amazon.

10] Finally, the 10s: Google, CNN,, and social bookmarking website AddThis.

According to Google Page Rank, this business website is below average. What does Google think you should do to improve? Here are three basic recommendations where Liquiguard should seek to improve:

The business website needs better content.
The business website needs more and better links associated with it.
You need more traffic coming and clicking on your website.

Website content

Choose the best keywords you can

No one wants to reconstruct the content of a website. So, what do you do? You pick out the keywords on your page and see what the Google Keyword Tool has to say about them. For those keywords that are low in popularity, you see if you can replace them. However, you don’t just replace them with keywords that are highly popular, but you try to replace them with keywords or keyword phrases that are both highly popular and lowly competitive - meaning they remain highly desirable but undiscovered. 

Sometimes simple words prove to be more beneficial than fancy words. Why? Because more often than not, people choose the simple terms over the more flamboyant ones. Case in point - Thai cuisine vs. Thai food. Which keyword term is more sought-after? Answer: Thai food. Therefore, the website using the simple term “Thai food” is going to garner more traffic than the site promoting “Thai cuisine.” 

In this video there are some excellent suggestions which I believe you should seriously consider.

Better outbound links

For better business

How do you get better links associated with your business website? You get permission from businesses with a high Google Page Rank to grant you permission to be posted to their site. This is really a win-win collaboration if the companies you seek to exchange links with agree to do so. Some may not. If you do not already have a list of businesses that make good synergy partners, I suggest you use the NAISC Code of your business category to help find them.

In this video the case is made quite well for pursuing the best outbound links possible.

More traffic to the business website

Video, cell phone apps and more…

How do you get more traffic showing up at your website? This is where both crowd mechanics and social media marketing come into the mix.

Here is a list of things I recommend:

1) Every employee of Liquiguard needs to have a Linkedin profile. In that profile, each employee needs to have 50 keywords and/or keyword phrases that are highly popular, but lowly competitive. Of course, all those keywords need to be related to the business of Liquigard in some way.

For example, I believe the keyword “paint ideas” should be included in your list. I realize the Linkedin profile focuses upon a person’s individual skill set, but you need not focus ALL of those 50 keywords on one’s individual skill set when the overall goal is actually more traffic to the company website. Keep in mind what is really happening here. You are issuing instructions to the Google search engine spiders on how to categorize your employees over on Therefore, your employees’ mere presence on Linkedin can deliver interested parties in a keyword term to the Liquiguard website.

2) Every employee needs to have a Twitter account and know how to compose a value tweet about the company in 140-characters or less and schedule it to go out at 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. This can be accomplished for free through various third-party vendors on Twitter on a Sunday afternoon for the following week.

3) I highly recommend some level of personal involvement with the surrounding community through a Chamber of Commerce or business networking group like The Business Connection. While The Business Connection is South Florida’s fastest-growing, FREE, business networking organization, its focus is very unique. It is a non-exclusive business networking organization. It actually follows the Linkedin paradigm of actively providing third-party referrals for small businesses. This organization can do a great deal to spread your business message to 250,000,000+ professional people around the world on a daily basis. I highly recommend your participation. See the Feature Friday Conference Call for more about The Business Connection.

4) I recommend putting out a press release through my Fiverr/Examiner service from time-to-time. While this is a relatively inexpensive way to spread a business message, when done properly it becomes news that never needs to disappear and can be easily updated at any time. The online press release needs to be composed of the following: text, a photo, a slide show (consisting of up to 20 JPEGs) and a video. People need to be encouraged to share the website link, comment on the article and press all the share buttons. For more on how the Fiverr/Examiner approach to press release distribution works, visit Fiverr/Examiner Press Release.

5) I encourage the use of print publicity in a clever collaborative approach that gets linked to an online blog. This can embody the use of both high school and college newspapers as well as the US Postal Service Program of Every Door Direct Mail. For more on how the system works, visit Sparkler 3.

6) I encourage you to have a referral page created composed of Twitter share buttons through which my network of 3,200+ connections can spread your message to selected news media sources. This is important for several reasons. First, it is important to have other people spreading your business message to the news media for your business. Second, it is important that you can track this effort and know it is actually being done and to what extent it is being done. And third, it is important to have the news media interested in showcasing your business as a newsworthy item as opposed to a commercial. Therefore, there is no bill that accompanies the news media exposure.

7) All employees of Liquiguard should have a Facebook page and the company itself should have a fan page on Facebook.

8) You should have a customized cell phone app developed to drive cell phone traffic to your website. (A free online demonstration is available. Just make the request.)

9) You should take advantage of 15-second video ads to further deliver an audience to your website. See why this is important by watching this video.

Social media marketing is important

It’s “the smart way” to grow a business

Social media is here to stay. And, here are 18 stats from - the premier inbound marketing company in the world - to prove it:

1) 27% of total U.S. internet time is spent on social networking sites. (Source: Experian) Tweet this stat!

2) 15% of total U.S. mobile internet time is spent on social networking sites. (Source:Experian) Tweet this stat!

3) Social media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC. (Source: HubSpot) Tweet this stat!

4) Social media lead conversion rates are 13% higher than the average lead conversion rate. (Source: HubSpot) Tweet this stat!

5) 21% of marketers say that social media has become more important to their company over the past six months. (Source: HubSpot) Tweet this stat!

6) 74% of all marketers say Facebook is important to their lead generation strategies. (Source:HubSpot) Tweet this stat!

7) Companies that generate more than 1,000 Facebook Likes also receive nearly 1,400 website visits a day. (Source: HubSpot) Tweet this stat!

8) 52% of all marketers have found a customer via Facebook in 2013. (Source: HubSpot) Tweet this stat!

9) On Facebook, brand posts get half of their reach within 30 minutes of being posted. (Source: Socialbakers) Tweet this stat!

10) 85% of fans of brands on Facebook recommend brands to others, compared to 60% of average users. (Source: Syncapse) Tweet this stat!

11) 43% of all marketers have found a customer via LinkedIn in 2013. (Source: HubSpot) Tweet this stat!

12) 36% of all marketers have found a customer via Twitter in 2013. (Source: HubSpot) Tweet this stat!

13) HubSpot customers with over 1,000 Twitter followers generate more than 800 new website visitors a month. (Source: HubSpot) Tweet this stat!

14) 59% of Twitter users have visited B2B tech brand sites, compared to 40% for the average internet population. (Source: Compete and Twitter) Tweet this stat!

15) 25% of consumers who complain about products on Facebook or Twitter expect a response within 1 hour. (Source: American Express) Tweet this stat!

16) Women are more likely than men to regularly check out a brand’s social page (48% vs. 43%). (Source: Ipsos) Tweet this stat!

17) 23% of marketers are investing in blogging and social media this year, a 9% increase from 2012. (Source: HubSpot) Tweet this stat!

18) Approximately 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision. (Source: Nielsen) Tweet this stat!

Cost & Billing

Now that you see what needs to be done, call me at 954-865-7688 let me know what you want to do. I will put a cost sheet together for you. No sense in putting a cost sheet together until I know what you want done.

As an independent contractor, I invoice for services requested via Paypal. I require a deposit of 50% of the contract to start the work and the remainder due upon completion.

If you want to make your NEW Linkedin look more impactful, I recommend creating a “clic-a-pic” Linkedin profile.

The idea of having all your contacts from Gmail, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, in one place and being updated has got to be something that is worth having. Therefore, go get it!